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At Stark, the client is the center.

We achieve optimal health by designing personalized and m‍‍‍easurable solutions with a collaborative team of expert specialists.

The Stark° Method

Science, Technology & Naturopathic Medicine


The Stark Method







Monitoring & Evaluation

Our method begins with a baseline health evaluation.  After, you are continually monitor‍‍‍ed and‍‍‍ evaluated for progress, followed by a new comprehensive plan to help you push through plateaus.

Program Design

Because your goals and physiological makeup are unique, all training protocols are individually designed for the you.  Expert programming will challenge you physically and mentally but‍‍‍ also‍‍‍ considers diet, nutrition, sleep, treatments and recovery.


All C‍‍‍oaches are Stark Certified and all sessions are personal.  A 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of coach to client is always maintained.  Each coach is equipped with real time data allowing access to your training protocols, diet and nutrition as well as supplement and recovery needs.


Our nutrition specialists design and coach personalized diet and nutrition programs for you based on blood chemistry, goals, and your ever-changing body.  Custom supplement and nutraceutical plans (prescribed by one of the Stark doctors)‍‍‍ are created to enhance the impact of your nutrition plan.  Our nutritionists will meet you where you are in your journey, create a plan which will fit into your lifestyle, and teach you how to track your progress.

‍‍‍Performance Medicine

Our doctors provide blood testing, I.V. Nutrient Therapy and Regenerative Injection Therapy (R.I.T.) ‍‍‍to address system abnormalities due to diet, lifestyle, environment, orthopedic and genetic issues.  Our regenerative and preventative treatments ensure you operate at your peak, helping our coaches guide you, more quickly, toward your goals.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Our Neuromuscular Specialists are licensed Chiropractors.  They help repair existing, and avoid future, injuries through Active Release Techniques (ART), allowing you to get out of pain while increasing your range of motion.  Improving range of motion will help you get more out of every training session leading to faster, more sustained, improvement in your health and fitness.