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The initial consultation is one hour long. We will start by discussing your health concerns and goals.  Based on your goals, Dr. Alice Nguyen will review which labs will help determine what is currently preventing you from reaching your health goals.  Depending on the labs ordered and whether the patient is fasting, labs may be drawn on the spot.  Treatment recommendations in the form of diet and lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, hormones and/or IV therapy may be recommended.  For some individuals, treatment may be postponed until the labs return.  Follow up appointments are 30 minutes and are usually scheduled 1-4 weeks after the first visit depending on the labs ordered and the initial treatment plan.  During a follow up appointment, recently ordered labs, effectiveness of current plan and future treatment options are discussed.  Once a plan has been developed, labs are usually redrawn at Stark in 4-12 weeks to determine the effectiveness of the plan. Another follow up appointment will be scheduled to review the labs and discuss the patient's satisfaction with the current plan.  A new plan will be developed and labs drawn again at a later date to evaluate the effectiveness.  This process continues until goals are met and labs only have to be drawn every 6-12 months.For individuals only wanting to do IVs, the initial consultation is not necessary.  When calling to schedule an appointment, let the receptionist know you are only interested in an IV therapy appointment.