Exercises, Stretches, and Foam Rolling

The following stretches and foam rolling will dram‍‍‍atically impact your struggle with pain.  The first two stretches should be done 3 - 5 times per day; foam rolling, once.


Psoas & Glute Stretch

Static Back

Foam Roll IT Band

Foam Roll Glute Stretch

Foam Roll Glute Hamstring

Foam Roll Psoas & TFL

Foam Roll QL & Abs

Foam Roll VMO & Adductor

Golf Ball Ro‍‍‍ll‍‍‍

Thoracic Mobility

Golf Ball Roll Back

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Upper Cro‍‍‍ss Pec Stretch

Subscapularis S‍‍‍tretch

TMJ Str‍‍‍etches

Cervical Rota‍‍‍tor Stretch

Foam R‍‍‍ol‍‍‍l Infraspinatus

Foam R‍‍‍oll Calf Stretch