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‍‍‍"A Friend of mine recommended Jon to me about 2 years ago. At that time I made an appointment but never went.

 Every month I'd get an email from Jon reminding me to make an appointment and go to Stark. In the meantime, I was bouncing from one physical therapy office to the next.  I wasn't getting the help I needed and I was  not able to completely enjoy my life.

Then a few months ago, I decided to give Jon a try.

 When I met Jon I was not very happy. I was ready to give up my passion, horseback riding. I had lost hope that I would ever again be able to enjoy the things I love to do."

-Susan Kohn

"I started going to Dr Jon Gundlach with serious back trouble. I was in a lot of pain, and was debating on whether to have back surgery so that I could get back to playing golf and my other favorite activity, looking after our grandchildren on the days I wasn't playing golf.  

My pain was so bad, and my back was affecting not only my golf game.....I couldn't pick up my grandchildren or do the simplest of tasks, like emptying the dishwasher or taking clothes out of the drier.

The physical therapy, the epidurals and other medication were making me very depressed, and most of all the thought of back surgery was only my very last resor‍‍‍t!"

Dr Jon healed my back pain very fast!  He taught me what exercises to do and all at once I could pick up my grandkids, sit on the floor and do puzzles, and best of all play golf three or four days a week!

My handicap has gone from a 19 to a 12 with Dr. Jon's treatment.  

I still see him once or twice a month, especially if I have the occasional back pain, or if I overdo things looking after some of my nine grandchildren.

In March after skiing for five days in Mammoth (the car journey was over 6 hours), I looked after five of our grandchildren whilst their parents were gone for a week!

Nowadays most of the time I am pain free without medication, and I am so delighted that I can even paddle board, play tennis, swim and walk the golf course......  I can do everything I used to do!

I am turning 70 next month, I feel that Dr Jon has given me back my vitality for life, and this Granny will be playing golf 5 days in a row this week and next..........now I have to maintain my 12 handicap!

-Jill Blurton-Jones‍‍‍

"I have been seeing Dr. Jon off and on for several years.  Whenever I aggravate anything from running, I pop into his office and he clears it up.  He has helped me with Sciatica, ITBand pain, Plantar fasciitis, and Neck pain.  Not only does he help with my immediate pain but he also has given me specific stretches and exercises to help keep the pain from coming back.  I love running and this August I qualified for the Boston Marathon!  Thanks Dr. Jon, I couldn’t have accomplished this goal with out you."

-Jenna Keith-Birney

"When I first started seeing Dr. Jon Gundlach the pain in my back was at an 8 or a 9. I had headaches every waking hour and often woke up at night because the pain was so bad.

The first visit was so refreshing. It was such a comfortable environment. H‍‍‍e wasn’t like other chiropractors who take forever with a treatment program.  Rather than 20+ visits for me to start feeling better, Dr. Jon estimated only 5-6 before I started feeling better.

It didn’t even take that long. I started feeling better after the first visit. And after two visits the pain in my lower back was gone. The headaches were also gone after two visits.

I’ve seen him 5 times now and am feeling great. I’ve even started taking some supplements he recommended from the sevenpoint2 company and I’ve lost weight, have more energy, and my joints don’t feel as stiff or painful.

Not only is he a chiropractor but he helps with my diet and tips for working out.

I couldn’t be happier or more thankful for what he’s done in helping my pain.

If you are in pain then you should see Jon Gundlach. He will help you feel better quickly. You’ll be happy you did. I know I am :)


What Patients Say About Chiropractic Care at Stark

About Joseph Cerciello

Joe is a bantamweight mixed martial arts fighter from Sacramento who was struggling with breathing.  At the point of the recording above, Joe had undergone three Cranial Fascial Release treatments with Dr. Jon Gundlach, D.C.