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brandon huang the intern

Careers and Internships

Imagine working with your best friends, doing what you love, laughing all day, and calling it work.  That's what it's like to be at STARK.  Not only is it the second happiest place on Earth (Disney is the self-proclaimed 'happiest'), but we provide the most sophisticated approach to health and fitness on the planet.  As such, there's a sense of pride.  More about how we do what we do. . . .


It's fun!

It's educational!

We're the best at what we do; as such, the entire team (from Interns to the boss) are expected to "walk the walk" in terms of following our own advice and coaching, ‍and continue to develop, professionally.

It's professional!

Our clients are some of the most demanding people on the planet.  They expect tremendous value for their time and money.  The expectations surrounding your behavior and appearance are high.

"The 3-month experience that I had at Stark was absolutely eye opening and educational to say the least. I clearly remember how welcoming and out-right excited the Stark staff was to have me on board for the summer."  READ MORE

-Brandon Huang

During the time of your internship you will observe, participate in and experience our unique 360 Degree practice.   Interns will sharpen their skills as coaches on the gym floor but also develop a strong understanding of performance medicine, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, behavior coaching and much more.   Unlike other internships, STARK takes a hands-on approach on developing our interns to be successful in the future and not simply delegate them to observational development.

Tasks given to interns are diverse have an impact on every part of our business.  Interns are also invited to staff meetings, weekly education modules, have access to our online library and may attend casual work events outside business hours.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind internship available to those willing to step to the next level.



Our qualifications are based on our four Core Values.  How well do you exemplify our values?  If you feel you are the right person for STARK. . . .

  • Grow or Die: the practice and discipline of constant improvement  
  • Live It: practicing the habits and behaviors of healthy living we teach our clients
  • Ownership: taking full personal responsibility for your actions, behaviors
  • Tribe: the act of being a part of a fully functioning team and family


In addition to our internship programs, we periodically have openings for doctors, nutritionists, and highly-qualified personal trainers and strength coaches. If you believe you will be a strong culture-fit at STARK and are qualified as either a licensed professional, or have unlicensed qualifications. . . .