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The World’s first 360° Gym

STARK is a National Leader in Personal Training, coaching the world’s highest performers, creating complete exercise and nutrition plans defined by the combination of blood chemistry, orthopedic health, mobility, stress levels and goals.

If you've worked with a personal trainer in the past, the STARK experience will be unique.  We believe that rapid, sustainable, healthy and natural change can only be achieved with the combination of strategically-laid out training protocols combined with integrated nutrition and orthopedic health.  Add blood chemistry and cutting edge treatments like A.R.T.  and IV Therapy, and the results will not only show on the outside but throughout all aspects of your life:  you're energy will surge, your sleep will be more sound, you'll think more clearly, and you'll move more freely.  You'll simply feel better because STARK IS YOU.  OPTIMIZED.

Hire a trainer; get a team

Inspired by Fortune 100 CEO's in the U.S., building their own teams of specialists to oversee and maintain peak health, STARK has created a team to provide a level of care and a path to your goals unmatched in the fitness and health industries.  We believe the human body is complex, and that no single individual is equipped with all of the answers.

These are the common expectations of the high level personal trainer:  inspirational coach; exceptional understanding of the human body; keeps you accountable; detail oriented and analytical; educated on nutrition and supplementation; an expert on orthopedic health and mobility.

We believe those skills don't reside in a personal trainer, but that they're all necessary to help you go from where you are to where you want to be.  Those skills are all represented in your team at STARK:  a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a performance medicine specialist, a neuromuscular specialist, and a program designer, all working for you, collaborating on your behalf.

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