Key Reasons STARK is the preferred choice for results

  • Return on time:  training programs are created with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.  STARK is not a social club, but a facility where busy people come for exceptional results
  • A complete approach:  ever wonder why you struggle to get the results you expect from exercising?  We don’t.  The point of our intake process (The Health Audit) is to identify those physiological reasons preventing you from progress.  In addition, a full integration of blood chemistry, nutrition, orthopedic health and mobility allow us to get further with you (and faster) then hiring just a trainer.  At STARK, you get a team.
  • No injuries:  our training protocols are designed with you in mind, sitting at a desk for long periods of time with all of the associated weak and tight muscles.  Identifying those areas in The Health Audit is what allows for workouts to be written in such a fashion where those tight muscles are stretched and weak muscles strengthened to minimize risk of injury.
  • Measured Results:  hiring a trainer and going through the motions isn’t enough for our analytical and demanding clientele.  We measure your results for our own information, helping us design better plans as we oversee how your body reacts.  You will get a monthly report quantifying your progress.
  • Accountability:   we hear this as a primary reason for many of our clients to engage with a personal trainer.  You’re busy.  If you have an appointment, you’re much more likely to exercise.

If you've worked with a personal trainer in the past, the STARK experience will be unique.  We believe that rapid, sustainable, healthy and natural change can only be achieved with the combination of strategically-laid-out training protocols combined with integrated nutrition and orthopedic health.  Add blood chemistry and cutting edge treatments like A.R.T.  and IV Therapy, and the results will not only show on the outside but throughout all aspects of your life:  you're energy will surge, your sleep will be more sound, you'll think more clearly, and you'll move more freely.  You'll simply feel better because STARK IS YOU.  OPTIMIZED.

Hire a trainer – get a team

Inspired by Fortune 100 CEO's in the U.S., building their own teams of specialists to oversee and maintain peak health, STARK has created a team to provide a level of care and a path to your goals unmatched in the fitness and health industries.  We believe the human body is complex, and that no single individual is equipped with all of the answers.

These are the common expectations of the high level personal trainer:  inspirational coach; exceptional understanding of the human body; keeps you accountable; detail oriented and analytical; educated on nutrition and supplementation; an expert on orthopedic health and mobility.

We believe those skills don't reside in a personal trainer, but that they're all necessary to help you go from where you are to where you want to be.  Those skills are all represented in your team at STARK:  a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a performance medicine specialist, a neuromuscular specialist, and a program designer, all working for you, collaborating on your behalf.

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  • A fully-integrated team:  an accurate and complete understanding of your health at a particular point in time is valuable.  Having a team with a broad range of experience and licenses, collaborating on your behalf takes that understanding to an entirely different level.  Not only does the STARK team develop more quickly--on a professional level--because of the process of sharing knowledge in the background, but the quality of your plan is greatly enhanced, thereby improving upon your results.

It’s had the biggest impact of anything I’ve done for my company culture.” ~Alex Dastmalchi – CEO, Dastmalchi, LLC

“I’ve had to buy new clothes every few months since I started.” ~Libby Duane – CCO & Co-Founder, Alteryx

“During my first month, I started thinking so much more clearly, that I had several new product ideas.  Well worth the expense!” ~Ron Cummings – CEO, AminoGenesis

I wouldn’t be as competent, capable and focused if not for STARK. ~Will West –Founder, ACRE